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"Dear humanity,
We regret bein' alien bastards, we regret comin' to Earth, and we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!"

Single most powerful line in the whoel damn game! Sgt. Johnson has to be the toughest son of a bitch on earth, yeah even better than Halo!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

About Mithraism and its relationship and similarities to Christianity.

This is going to be a long one. Very long. This is from a website long forgotten by me and is not mine. Washing my hands of it...

Imagine that you have believed in something for thirty or forty years. Everyone in your community believes exactly the same thing. This thing in which you all believe shapes your personal identity and that of your entire community. Your understanding of existence, of morality and the meaning of life, are inextricably bound up with it. You have passed on your beliefs to your own children. You are aware that those few people who have abandoned their beliefs are treated with revulsion by your community and driven out.

Then, one day, you realise that this thing that has formed the core of your life is absolutely false. What do you do? You might think that you would "take it on the chin" and get on with a new life of truth, but you might well be deluding yourself. Most people are locked into the belief systems with which they were raised and find it impossible to break free, even if they know their beliefs are false.

How many people in the world convert to a different religion from that of their birth? Why is it that the vast majority of Muslims stay as Muslims? Surely if other religions had a good message to impart then a sizeable number of Muslims would decide that they would be better off switching their allegiance. But they virtually never do.

Why is it practically impossible to find an Orthodox Jew who has stopped being an Orthodox Jew? Even for a Catholic Christian to become a Protestant Christian, or vice versa, is improbable in the extreme.
The reality is that few people reject the indoctrination they received from their parents. They don't adopt a radically different religion or philosophy. They don't risk being ostracised by their friends, family and community.
When they realise that their religion is false, the vast majority react by adopting various coping mechanisms. For example, they pretend that they are still true believers.

They know all the things they are expected to say and do, so they keep saying and doing them, albeit without any enthusiasm now. Or they enter a state of denial, or doublethink. A few even become more zealous believers than they ever were before, in the hope that if they fanatically re-embrace their beliefs they will somehow dispel the unbelief that now plagues them.

Christianity, the most successful religion in history, is the most comprehensively disproved religion of all time. Bookshops groan with tomes launching deadly attacks from every direction on Christianity. Each book may contain some and possibly many factual errors, but nevertheless the general thrust in each case is undeniable. Christian apologists invariably seize on the minor factual errors to try to discredit the attacks, but they never address the real point of all of these books: that Christianity is history's most flagrant fictional creation.

Why hasn't Christianity already collapsed? Why do so many cling to it even though it is demonstrably false? Why do they reject the mass of evidence showing that their religious beliefs are absurd and almost insane?
It's because they are faced with a terrifying prospect: having to find something new to replace their old beliefs. How would they begin? They have no idea what they are looking for.
There are so many choices facing them. How could they possibly decide between them all? Would they have to study every religion on earth to find the right one? And what if there wasn't a right one? Maybe the atheists were right all along. So then they might have to study science instead. But look how difficult that is.

So they do what the vast majority of human beings do: they follow the path of least resistance. They stick with what they know, with what is familiar to them. It's easier to believe in something that is false than to discover what is true. The first path requires self-deception, hypocrisy and cynicism, the second requires the hardest work imaginable, with no guarantee of success. Perhaps you will be cast into the abyss of meaninglessness. So you remain where you are, holding beliefs that you no longer believe in. Isn't that the fate of most of humanity?

Virtually every Christian, deep down, understands that their religion is ridiculous. The proof is that almost none of those who profess belief in Christianity behave in a way that would ever be associated with the alleged message of their religion.

They are supposed to be unselfish, kind, loving, caring, peaceful, gentle, charitable, helpful, resistant to greed, uninterested in power and glory. In practice, they are selfish, cruel, hateful, uncaring, cynical, violent, callous, aggressive, unhelpful, greedy, out for themselves, obsessed with power, glory, money and status. If Christians behaved in anything like the manner they are supposed to, the world would be unrecognisable.

Nowhere is the vileness of Christianity more apparent than in America, full of the most despicable Christian fundamentalists imaginable. George W Bush is a classic of the species: a born-again zealot who fully encapsulates the monstrous nature of the American Christian. A warmonger. The champion of big business and Wall Street. A supporter and prime beneficiary of privilege. A man of extremely limited intelligence. A liar. A hypocrite. A fraud. A leader of the Old World Order.

Who created this grotesque religion that has inflicted so much damage on the world? It certainly wasn't Yehoshua ben Yosef (Jesus Christ), a practising Jew.

Step forward Saul of Tarsus, better known to history as St Paul. This man was the author of the Christian abomination. Yet even Paul had no idea how grotesque his creation would prove. He actually thought he was doing the work of God.

History is ignorant of a key fact about Paul: he was a priest of Mithras, having attained the highest grade of the mystery cult of Mithraism. However, born as a Jew, he retained an interest in Jewish affairs and when he heard strange and miraculous tales about a charismatic, wandering Jewish preacher who was said to have been crucified and then risen from the dead, he was intrigued and determined to find out more. The more he discovered from Jewish contacts, the more amazed he became for the very simple reason that he had heard all of these tales before - they had been said of Mithras too. At first, Paul was outraged at what he perceived as blasphemy. He spoke out against these "Christians" and issued threats against them, acquiring the reputation of being a "persecutor" of Christians.

But, famously, on the road to Damascus, he had a life-changing epiphany. His mind made an astonishing leap: what if this so-called god-man Jesus Christ was an avatar of Mithras? Perhaps Mithras had descended to earth in human form to save humanity by sacrificing himself. Such an act was already the centrepiece of the Mithraic teachings. Was it not the logical culmination of Mithraism for it to happen in reality?

Paul was convinced that he had been given a divine mission to do something close to his heart: to combine Messianic Judaism with Mithraism, to unite the religion of his birth with the religion of which he was now a priest. It made perfect sense to him. He could conceive of nothing more noble and inspiring.

Paul abandoned conventional Mithraism and dedicated his life to his new mission: proclaiming that Mithraism was realised in the person of the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ. He knew he would never be able to publicly identify Jesus with Mithras because it would be unacceptable to the followers of Christ, and equally unacceptable to Mithraists, but nevertheless that would be the true message of his religion.
So, who was Mithras? The veneration of Mithras began around 4000 years ago in Persia (modern Iran), where he was known as Mithra, and soon became infused with the doctrines of Babylonia (modern Iraq), where it absorbed the renowned occult knowledge of the Babylonians.

The religion spread eastwards to India and China. In India, the god was known as Mitra and was a solar deity, lord of heavenly light and guardian of the truth, responsible for maintaining cosmic order and presiding over contracts, oaths and friendship.

In Persia, Mithra (meaning "love", "sun" and "friend") was a protector deity and god of light, with "Mithra" often being used a synonym for the sun. Persian Mithraism is even thought by some scholars to have influenced Buddhism. Many scholars also (and rightly) link Mithraism to the Knights Templar, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism.
Mithra was one of the main deities of polytheistic Persia before Zarathustra (Zoroaster) introduced monotheistic Zoroastrianism. (Many centuries later, Islam later replaced Zoroastrianism.) Many of Mithra's functions were absorbed by Zoroastrianism's Supreme Being, Ahura Mazda ("Wise Lord"), and true Mithraism virtually vanished from Persia. Mithra was still greatly revered in Persia but was now seen as a kind of hybrid of, in Western terms, Michael the Archangel and Jesus Christ. True Mithraism was pushed out to the western fringes of the empire, to the region around the port of Tarsus where local lords retained their devotion to the old god.

The region was conquered by the Macedonian and Greek army of Alexander the Great, and later by the Roman army under Pompey. By the first century BCE, it was a melting pot of different religious and philosophical ideas, a thriving intellectual hub where traders arrived and exchanged ideas then took them back to their home countries. Mark Antony had a base in Tarsus and it was here that he first met Cleopatra.
It was into this cosmopolitan environment that Paul (Saul) was born, a child of a Jewish family. As he was growing up, he was exposed to the dominant religion of the area: the mystery cult of Mithras. The reason why an Indo-Persian god had continued to prosper under the Greek and Macedonians was that he could be readily identified with Greek deities such as Apollo, Helios and Perseus. Roman soldiers rapidly fell under the spell of Mithras and, for 500 years (from 100 BCE to 400 CE), he was their main god.

(The Illuminati were instrumental in making Mithraism acceptable to the Romans and their plan was to attempt to make Gnostic Mithraism the state religion of the Roman Empire. They might have succeeded had it not been for St Paul.)
Mithraism revolved around not only religion but also advanced astronomy, philosophy and science, and it also embraced what would now be called alchemy, astrology, magic and the occult. The plant sacred to Mithra was mandrake, well known for its associations with magic. The Magi were followers of Mithra before becoming associated with Zoroastrianism (the Illuminati often passed themselves off as Magi).

Soma/Haoma was an Indo-Persian drug used in Mithraic ceremonies. It was the "divine", intoxicating juice of a "legendary" plant drunk by gods and men to induce ecstasy. A powerful stimulant, it was associated with spiritual and medicinal qualities. It could also cause hallucinations, trances, visions and "inner" sight. It was said to confer an inner fire and immortality on those who took it.

But Haoma is not legendary. It is a specific plant and its yellow juice is still used to this day by the Illuminati at its most special ceremonies. Since those who would not appreciate its unique spiritual qualities would attempt to commercially exploit it, the precise modern identity of this plant will not be revealed.
Tauroctony (the slaying of a bull performed by Mithras) was the centrepiece of Mithraism and was, originally, astral in its significance. The constellation Perseus (identified with Mithras) was positioned above the constellation of Taurus (the bull) and "killed" it in order to allow the Age of Taurus to be replaced by the Age of Aries, thus moving the entire universe forward in its cycle. In this sense, Mithras was the Kosmokrator, the "cosmic ruler". The bull's blood was the Milky Way, the starry path via which souls ascended to heaven from earth, or descended from heaven to earth. "As above, so below."

This was the "outer" significance of the Tauroctony: a path to salvation mapped in the stars themselves. The "inner", spiritual significance was that the bull represented the human ego mired in the things of the world and in humanity's bestial nature that had no interest in spiritual transformation, nor any interest in freeing the divine spark. By slaying the bull, the creature symbolising the rule of the Demiurge, by shedding its blood, Mithras was saving humanity from the infernal empire of Satan.
Mithras was liberating us, redeeming us, assuming the mantle of our Saviour. Through his heroism and courage in overcoming the dark author of our egotistical and bestial desires, he would allow us to replace the Ego with the Self and look for our deliverance in the stars. He was providing us with an inner and outer map of how to find our way to the True God. He is the Sun/Son of God, illuminating our path. In Jungian terms, the bull represents our shadow self, and only by overcoming this can we move beyond our ego to our Higher Self where we can enter into union with the True God.

But the most esoteric teaching of Mithraism was that Mithras himself was the bull (it represented his lower nature), and by slaying the bull he was sacrificing himself for the redemption of humanity. Mithras, in the form of the slain bull, lay in a tomb for three days, before being resurrected to join with his Higher Self. The period of three days was derived from Pythagorean number theory: 1, the "monad" represents unity. 2, the "dyad" represents diversity. 3, the "triad" represents harmony since it is equal to unity plus diversity. Also, because 2 is the first female number and 3 is the first male number, the passage of three days not only harmonises unity and diversity, but also the male and female aspects of the psyche. By the end of three days, the Lower Self was ready to enter into union with the Higher Self, and the Higher Self, now freed from attachment to a primitive Lower Self, could enter into union with the True God, called Abraxas by the Illuminati. Both Mithras and Abraxas are equated to a number of 365 in numerology i.e. the number of days in the year.

In Greek mythology, Perseus, the son of a virgin and God (Zeus), had to kill Medusa, one of the three Gorgons, whose appearance was so horrific that it turned humans into stone. He succeeded in getting close enough to her to strike off her head only by looking at her reflection in a mirrored shield.
Medusa is equated with the bull in the Mithraic ceremony. Again, it is necessary to overcome the human ego and the savage, lower, bestial aspects of human nature. Just as Mithras does not look at the bull when he slays it, nor does Perseus look at Medusa. To do so, is to court disaster. It can be said that the ego turns the heart and soul to stone. Alternatively, that ego turns spirit into matter, thus bringing it under the rule of the Demiurge.

Mithras and Perseus, each the son of a virgin and God, both fought the Demiurge's savage creatures (bull and Gorgon) to free humanity from bondage and to release the divine spark.

Mithraism had seven degrees of initiation (Corax, Nymphus, Miles, Leo, Perses, Heliodromus and Pater), and these are the same as the seven ordinary degrees of the Illuminati (which additionally has three mystery degrees). Those members of the Illuminati who were directly involved with Mithraism also had a secret eighth grade called Chryfii, meaning "hidden ones".
Progression through the Mithraic grades corresponded to the ascent of the soul through the planetary spheres on its way to heaven, reversing the descent of the human soul from heaven into this world that took place at birth. Heaven wasn't deemed to be in a mysterious other dimension, but was a destination in space that the soul could physically reach if it had the right "star map" to navigate there, and the correct passwords to get past all the gatekeepers who stood between this world and heaven.

Mithras wore a red Phrygian cap, a sign of liberty, to show that he was free of the slavery of his lower self. In ancient Rome, at the ceremony of manumission where a slave was made a free man, the slave wore a Phrygian cap, also called a liberty cap. The red Phrygian cap is the perfect revolutionary symbol for all those seeking to escape their enslavement by the Old World Order. In the French Revolution, the Phrygian cap was the emblem of all the men and women who desired to be equal citizens rather than subjects of a king. Louis XVI was himself eventually compelled to wear the liberty cap. A few years earlier, in the American Revolution, many American patriots wore red liberty caps bearing the motto "Liberty or Death. The liberty cap was often held aloft on a "Liberty Pole".
In Christianity, the floppy Phrygian cap was made rigid and placed upright. It was then called the "mitre", and worn by bishops.

The Bible is a book of inversions. The God of the Bible (Yahweh) is actually Satan, while the enemy of Yahweh is the True God. In the Book of Revelation it states that the number of the "Beast" is 666. What Christians never mention is that 666 is the numerological sign of the sun, hence the "Beast" is someone bearing the mark of a worshipper of the True God. The Book of Revelation should be considered proof that Christians are worshippers of the Prince of Darkness who stand in opposition to the forces of light.

Initiates of Mithras had their hands tied with chicken gut, and the bindings were later cut by a man known as the "liberator" (he was freeing the initiate from bondage to the false beliefs of the lower world). Each initiate was offered a crown, which he refused in order to show that he was not tempted by worldly power and glory.
5 December was the day the followers of Mithras celebrated Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birthday of the Invincible Sun). Everyone knows that Jesus Christ wasn't born on 25 December. The Catholic Church openly acknowledges the fact and didn't adopt this date for Christ's birth until the fourth century CE. The Gospels don't bother to mention the calendar date of Christ's birth, so the early church saw no reason to celebrate it.

In the old Julian calendar, 25 December was the winter solstice (under the modern Gregorian calendar it falls on 21 or 22 December), and was regarded as the annual "birth" (nativity) of the sun because the day begins to lengthen and the Sun's power increases from that day onwards.

Mithras had an established class of priests, those who had attained the highest grade of the mystery cult, and it was they who performed the religious ceremonies of Mithras.
Mithras befriends humanity; he does not rule over them as a tyrant like Yahweh/Allah.

His followers symbolically ate his body (bread) and drank his blood (wine) to show that they accepted that Mithras was the source of all the spiritual and physical sustenance that a person required. The words attributed to Mithras at this ceremony were: "He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation." (This is a metaphor describing the necessity of seeking direct union with God so that you are of one substance with him.)

Each Mithraic grade had a password associated with it that members would use to identify themselves, and their grade, to other Mithraists. During ceremonies, members wore distinctive masks and cloaks corresponding to their particular degree.
Mithras's slaying of the bull was his redemptive labour that, once completed, allowed him to return to heaven.

The famous Rosslyn chapel in Scotland was built over a former Temple of Mithras, as was St Paul's Cathedral in London. The Vatican also stood on a Mithraic temple. Mithraic temples were designed to resemble a "cosmic cave" because a cavern was symbolic of death and the lower world of darkness and matter, from which the followers of Mithras sought to escape.

Sir Thomas More, in Utopia, referred to the Supreme Being as "Mithra".

Acharya S, author of The Christ Conspiracy, and referenced in the Zeitgeist movie, has provided an excellent article on Mithras, debunking those who say that Mitra, Mithra and Mithras should not be equated. While they are certainly not identical, they are part of an evolving concept:
Mithraism - True Christianity?

The absurdly close parallels between Christianity and Mithraism are summarised below. Mithras was:
1) Born on 25 December.

2) Born of a virgin.

3) Born in a cave and attended by shepherds and wise men who gave him gifts.

4) The Son of God and intermediary between God and humanity.

5) Regarded as a "King" and Saviour who shed eternal blood.

6) Said to have sacrificed himself to save humanity.

7) Celibate.

8) Mithras had a Last Supper of bread and wine with his twelve companions.

9) Sunday (the day of the Sun) was his sacred day, not the Saturday Sabbath of Yahweh.

10) His followers were baptized.

11) They regarded wine as linked to the sacrificial blood.

12) They called themselves "brothers".

13) A cross with perpendicular, equidistant arms (the "Greek" cross) was an ancient symbol of the sun. (The Knights Templar used a Greek cross as their central emblem.)

14) The followers of Mithras ate loaves of bread marked by this cross (the prototypes of "hot cross buns").

15) The highest official grade of Mithraism was "Pater" (Father): Catholic priests are called Father.
16) There was a "Father of Fathers" (Pater Patrum), elected by the Fathers from amongst their number. He was Mithras's earthly representative, the "vicar" of Mithras (just as the Pope is called the vicar of Christ). Another title associated with the highest grade was Pater Sacrorum (Father of the Mysteries). He wore a red cap, a red robe, had a ring of office, and carried a shepherd's staff.

17) Mithras's mother was given the title "Mother of God".

18) Mithras represented an ethical system in which community and brotherhood were encouraged as a means of defeating the forces of evil.

19) Mithras was regarded as a great travelling teacher.

20) Mithras had twelve companions (equated with the twelve signs of the zodiac).

21) Mithras performed miracles such as raising the dead, casting out demons, making the blind see and the lame walk, healing the sick etc.

22) Mithras died, was buried in a tomb and rose again after three days, ascending to heaven.

23) His principal festival was celebrated every year at the spring equinox to commemorate his resurrection. The Christian Easter festival to celebrate Christ's resurrection takes place at the same time.

24) Mithras was called "the Good Shepherd."

25) Mithras was referred to as: "The Way, the Truth and the Light, the Redeemer, the Saviour, the Messiah."
26) He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.

27) He carried the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

28) He was the god of light and truth, the god who mediated between Man and the True God.

29) One of his symbols was the sun disk and he was known as the "Light of the World".

30) The All-Seeing Eye was a symbol chosen by Mithraists to show that nothing could be hidden from Mithras.

31) Because of its links to Persian Zoroastrianism, Mithraism was also able to incorporate Zoroastrian ideas such as heaven and hell, an apocalypse, a day of judgement, a resurrection of the dead and a second coming (where Mithras would destroy the Evil One).
All of the most distinctive elements of the Christian myth can be found in the tales surrounding assorted ancient gods and demi-gods such as Osiris, Tammuz, Dionysus, Adonis, Attis, Krishna and Mithras. There is nothing new or imaginative about Christianity except for one thing. No one had previously thought of making a myth about a God into a literal truth. No one had dared to seriously suggest that a living, breathing human being was miraculously born on earth as the actual Son of God. No Greek expected to sit down and share a drink with the real Dionysus. No Roman thought he would bump into Mithras in the forum. When Roman emperors declared themselves gods, no one took it seriously. They were very powerful people, but manifestly not divine. In fact they were usually insane and deemed in need of assassination.

It was Paul's melding of Messianic Judaism with the traditional pagan religions that was an astonishing, and disastrous, innovation. Paul never met Jesus and didn't bother to see Jesus' apostles before starting his own mission to convert the world. His radical, strange and mystical version of Christianity had virtually nothing in common with anything Jesus said. In all probability, Paul knew next to nothing about the man Jesus or his companions or what Jesus said and taught. Nothing had been written down at that time, Paul hadn't met any eyewitnesses, so he was getting all of his information via hearsay, gossip and the drunken exaggeration of travellers' tales. But he didn't need anything else, and he certainly didn't need the truth. All he was doing was preaching Mithraism, with a Messianic Jew playing the part of Mithras. Simple. Most people who had known Jesus had no idea what planet Paul was on. What he claimed Jesus said bore no resemblance to what he actually said.
Paul's epistles are the oldest part of the New Testament, written around 50 AD while the gospels were written around 70-100 AD. Paul's famous letters received little or no acceptance by the early church. The Apostles never mentioned Paul in their writings. There is no doubt they regarded him as a strange pagan trying to distort Jesus' message. Paul's so-called fanatical Judaism is a complete fabrication. This was the man who couldn't wait to announce the end of Mosaic Law and all the customs of Judaism. No one was better suited to appeal to Gentiles than Paul because, to all intents and purposes, he was a Gentile.

Paul's version of Christianity succeeded largely because the other factions, based in Jerusalem, were effectively wiped out when Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE, following a Jewish insurrection against the Roman occupation. Paul's Christians were based in many places outside Palestine, hence survived the destruction wrought by the Romans.

As soon as Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire, the Christians set about destroying the temples of Mithras, often building churches on the sites. Paul, who hoped that Christianity and Mithraism would merge and sweep across the world would have been horrified. His new religion had gone catastrophically wrong.

Christianity is nothing but a bastardised version of Mithraism; Paul's grotesque blend of Judaism and Mithraism. None of it makes any sense because Judaism and Mithraism have nothing in common, just as Judaism and Akhenaten's Atenism had nothing in common. Atenism (symbolised by the sun disk) and Mithraism, however, did have a great deal in common.

Imagine a world without Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Can any sane person doubt that the world would instantly be an enormously better place? These Abrahamic religions were (and are) the main vehicles of Satanism. They are perversions of the pagan religions of light: they are how the Demiurge managed to bring his darkness into the heart of religion.

What is the purpose of the Demiurge's use of religion? To spread discord, confusion, violence, hatred, to blind people to the truth, to corrupt them, to place them in the bondage of false prophets, to ensure that their souls never attain salvation. Hasn't the Demiurge done an outstanding job? Every goal has been realised. Human beings don't go to hell. They are already there. The empire of the Demiurge is hell.

The biggest lie of all is that hell has no exit. In fact, the sole purpose of a soul is to find that exit, or remain in hell forever. It is a problem of knowledge, not of faith. The meaning of life is to attain gnosis - the transcendent, divine knowledge that allows us to comprehend the nature and meaning of existence and make our choice: to remain with Satan, or to achieve union with the True God in the realm of light, beyond the "boundary" of the Demiurge's universe.
Christianity, in order to eliminate Mithraism, simply assimilated many of the key aspects of the rival religion: a perfect Satanic strategy. Equally, Satanic propagandists have managed to portray the Illuminati in the popular imagination as the opposite of what they actually are. However, the truth will emerge slowly but surely. One day the world will bathe in the light of Illumination and be free forever of the Satanic Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism that have worked so much evil in this world.

What type of person glorifies "God" by crashing an airplane full of innocent passengers into a building full of office workers? God or Satan? The answer could not be more obvious. The True God would never accept a "gift" of psychotic violence; he would never make martyrs of mass murderers, he would never welcome killers bathed in the blood of innocents to paradise. Such people have damned themselves. But what is truly amazing is that these people believe they are doing the work of God. How did their minds become so twisted? That's how powerful and damaging Satan's propaganda is.

Christ at no time said he was creating a new religion. He was at all times an observant Jew, faithful to the Demiurge Yahweh, and if "God" was a Jew then presumably everyone who believes in him ought to be a Jew too.
One might have thought that if God had come to earth, he wouldn't have identified himself with any terrestrial religion, with any tribe, nation, or particular part of the world, but, rather, would have announced the universal religion of God straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak: an inspiring and eternal message for humanity, unambiguous, crystal clear and suitable for all ears. That's not what happened and, of itself, is proof that Jesus Christ was no "God".

Illumination teaches that the True God has never been incarnate on the earth, and indeed never would be. This is the realm of the Demiurge, and the vast majority of "incarnate gods" and "divine" prophets of human history have been archons in the service of the Demiurge. In other words, they have been sent to deliver to humanity the gospel of Satan that holds us in eternal thrall to falsehood, to confusion, ignorance, fanaticism, extremism, sectarianism, delusion, lies, hypocrisy and violence.

No one of integrity and intelligence who has made a study of the world's mainstream religions could be blind to Satan's stamp on each and every one of them.

That's not to say that the True God has abandoned us and made no attempt to communicate his message to us. For one thing, he has sent "Phosters" to help and guide us, albeit in a subtle way. And, above all, he has ensured that we all have the ability to enter into direct communion with him via our souls, and it is through that unique knowledge (gnosis), that we can know the mind of God. God's truth is not in a "holy" book, is not delivered by prophets, has no connection with temples, churches, synagogues and mosques, with commandments and religious prohibitions, with customs, rules, regulations, restrictions on diet and clothing etc. God's truth is within us and our task is to find the key that unlocks the direct knowledge of God. Everyone has the key, but many will never use it. The main reason why people fail to find it is that they are brainwashed by the false religions of the Demiurge, and led in the opposite direction by "faith". The faithful are sheep who will never attain gnosis.

No one can deny how effective Satan's "holy" messages have been down the ages. Nothing will ever be more remarkable than that Satan has caused billions of human beings to worship him as God. Doesn't that sum up humanity? Its most sacred thoughts have been the complete inversion of what they ought to be. They have been directed at the glorification of the opposite of God: the Anti-God.

Doesn't that sum up the tragedy of humanity?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Curing cancer is relatively wasy. Cancer respires anaerobically, if you get your body alkaline through a variety of methods, you cannot get cancer. This is because a mild alkali can absord a hundred times as much as oxygen than a mild acid. Cancer thrives in acidi conditions because once you get rid of the lactic acis blockade, your body can more easily and effeciently get rid of cancer through apoptosis.

Properly curing cancer is restoring balace in your immune system also (where radiation treatment destroys your own cells that protect you from cancer, also some cancer cells build immunity from chemotherapy).

Other cures that work similar to chemotherapy drugs (but are natural as pharmaceutical companies can Never syntehsise a drug as useful or as complex as that we have biologically evovled within ourselces over millions of years.) These involve starving the cancer cells from ATP, it is wasy to target them because cancer cells take up way more enery than that of other more useful/ordinanry cells. This process is done through glucolysis/phophorylation pathway. 

So stop all this nonesense of "it can happen to anyone." If you take care of your body, it will take care of you, making cancer a mythical disease which magically happens to to those who have happy lives is a notion carried by charity agencies to scam populations out of millions of dollars. There is a scientific and secular explanation for everything, because the human mind is just that great. :)