Friday, August 27, 2010

Curing cancer is relatively wasy. Cancer respires anaerobically, if you get your body alkaline through a variety of methods, you cannot get cancer. This is because a mild alkali can absord a hundred times as much as oxygen than a mild acid. Cancer thrives in acidi conditions because once you get rid of the lactic acis blockade, your body can more easily and effeciently get rid of cancer through apoptosis.

Properly curing cancer is restoring balace in your immune system also (where radiation treatment destroys your own cells that protect you from cancer, also some cancer cells build immunity from chemotherapy).

Other cures that work similar to chemotherapy drugs (but are natural as pharmaceutical companies can Never syntehsise a drug as useful or as complex as that we have biologically evovled within ourselces over millions of years.) These involve starving the cancer cells from ATP, it is wasy to target them because cancer cells take up way more enery than that of other more useful/ordinanry cells. This process is done through glucolysis/phophorylation pathway. 

So stop all this nonesense of "it can happen to anyone." If you take care of your body, it will take care of you, making cancer a mythical disease which magically happens to to those who have happy lives is a notion carried by charity agencies to scam populations out of millions of dollars. There is a scientific and secular explanation for everything, because the human mind is just that great. :)


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